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5 Awesome Things to Do In Albuquerque That You Need to Know


Our fair city is a burgeoning metropolis—just over a half of million in population! We’re excited to show off New Mexico to you—this city is immersed in natural wonders, balloon festivals, art, and culture. Speaking of our balloon festivals—we’re home to an international balloon festival that attracts visitors from the entire world over!

As you travel around our city, you can’t miss the obvious Spanish culture influence in everything we do. A lot of the original Spanish culture remains and makes for awesome sight-seeing. Let’s take a look at the awesome things to do in Albuquerque!

1.) Go Fishing At Tingley Beach!
things to do in albuquerque


This ‘beach’ is actually a series of ponds that went by the name ‘Conservancy Beach’—the area is manmade and was built by diverting water from the Rio Grande.

The ponds were originally used for swimming when it first opened and then in the 1950’s, it was closed off and then became primarily used for fishing.

You can spend an entire day at Tingley Beach—the area includes a restaurant, paddle boats, a model boating pond and then the fishing ponds for both adults and children alike!
2.) Get Some Education at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center


things to do in albuquerque

Get a unique chance to discover more about the area’s Pueblo Indian Culture at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center!

This center features a collection of pottery and art with a day’s worth of hands on activities. Sit back and watch the Traditional Native American dances that honor Mother Earth or peruse the gift shop that sell original works of art.

Try some cultural works of art yourself! The center offers pottery classes and a chance to learn about gourd painting. Finishing up at the center, you can stop and grab an award winning Tewa Taco before you head back to the hotel.


3.)    Take a moment to see over 15,000 Historic Petroglyphs


things to do in albuquerque


New Mexico is home to the Petroglyph National Monument—housing more than 15,000 prehistoric and historic Native American and Hispanic Petroglyphs. The monument has a visitor center with in-depth information, temporary exhibits, and educational material.

The monument boasts elevations of up to 5,000 feet—but there are many mild hikes for all ages. The area is mild throughout the year, save for a couple of intense summer months.


4.) See Albuquerque From a Hot Air Balloon


things to do in albuquerque


The Rainbow Ryders offer hot air balloon rides over Albuquerque and the surrounding states for a while now—an established TripAdvisor Hall of Fame member, they take every precaution to ensure that you are in the safest of hands.

You can plan your airborne trip in a variety of ways—sunrise hot air balloon rides, sunset balloon flights, or even a private ride with you and your loved ones. The most popular flight is the Dawn Patrol Flight that takes off 30 minutes before sunrise and gives you the perfect view to watch the area wake up and come to life.

5.) Kimo Theatre

things to do in albuquerque

One of Albuquerque’s best-known architectural landmarks, the KiMo Theatre was originally built in 1927. The somewhat gaudy Pueblo-Revival-Art Deco Style incorporates adobe architectural styles with the linear motifs and recessed spandrels more typical of classic Art Deco. Paintings and images of Native American cultures abound. Through the 1970s the theatre fell into neglect and was barely saved from the wrecking ball. A renovation completed in 2000 has allowed the theater to again become one of the city’s premier venues. Oh, and it is reputed to be haunted!


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