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How to Pick the Ultimate Travel Companion

travel companion


We all love traveling, but realize it can really bring out the worst in a person. Finding someone who can take in all of the awesome sights and fantastic food, stumble through language barriers and take bus delays in stride is often like finding a diamond in the rough. If you find someone who fits this bill—hold onto them tight and don’t let them go—great travel companions are worth their weight in gold!


If you’re looking to travel the world, or even jaunts to the next town over, the perfect travel companion can bring the average adventure experience to heights you couldn’t have even imagined.


Pick someone who isn’t afraid to say that you’re about to make a bad decision, and is willing to hear the same. A travel companion that will keep you grounded and safer. Make sure that your traveling companion is someone that you can spend an unlimited amount of time with—and not want to ditch them on a train somewhere. Your travels could make it so that you spend a lot of time with this person, you’d better find them interesting or it could mean a lot of boring meals and train rides.


Also—don’t forget to take time for yourself! You and your travel companion will have a new found appreciation for each other by even spending an hour apart—and you’ll have new things to talk about.

This segues into the next observation—find someone you don’t completely agree with. This doesn’t mean that you should take on a travel companion that you’re constantly bickering with, but a person that will occasionally push your buttons can be a good thing. We travel to broaden our horizons, and what better way to do that than surrounding yourself with people that make you think about things differently?


A good sense of direction can be a real plus, but give you and your travel companion the opportunity to get lost and wander a bit. This allows you to get off the beaten path and create some great memories!


As an aside—pick someone who isn’t glued to their smartphone. A large part of the experience of traveling is wandering through and discovering an unfamiliar place. Smartphones are useful tools while traveling—there is no doubt about that—but do not allow them to take over your experience.


Choose a travel companion that is willing to eat anything at least once. Food and travel go hand-in-hand—it’s a huge part of a region’s culture—and it’s hard to understand the local’s way of life if you don’t experience their food.

Pick a travel companion that has a good sense of humor. Travel is messy—there are delays, cancellations, booking errors, language barriers, and cultural faux pas to dance around on even the well-planned trips. A person that can roll with the punches or even make you laugh about them is worth their weight in gold.


There are dozens of different personality traits that make people good traveling companions, but most of it is matching personal temperaments.


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