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How to Travel As a Couple: A Survival Guide

how to travel as a couple

How to Travel As a Couple & Survive

  1. Communicate how you see the trip going and your expectations before you leave

So you and your other half are departing on a lengthy trip. You’ve decided on a destination, but what if you both have very different ideas about how the trip will play out once you get to where you’re going. One person is daydreaming a romantic getaway relaxing away in luxury, with a cocktail in hand, and the other is dreaming up adventures—planning on scuba diving, exploring the area, hiking. One of you likes a super packed detailed itinerary and the other wants to just wander around the city. Communication is a must—talk through your preferences and come up with a draft of activities or experiences that you both can agree on before you depart.


  1. Figure out the who/what/when of your travel budget before you go.

Avoid unnecessary spats while on vacation about finances. You and your partner may have different ideas and conceptions about how much to spend, or one may prefer the finer things in life while the other attempts to keep a modest budget while traveling. Make sure that you and your partner have an honest conversation about how much each of you are willing to spend and how you are going to divide expenses.

  1. You both need your space. Make room for it.

No matter where your relationship is, being around each other 24/7 will at some point be a strain. Avoid all of this by making time for yourselves. Doing your own thing gives you time to reconnect with yourself and rejuvenate. It’s healthy and it enriches your trip!
Allow each other to do things that they enjoy on their own—even if one of you just wants to rest in the room while the other explores the local area! This makes for a more relaxing, enjoyable trip for both of you and gives you a chance to miss each other too.


  1. Compromise Often

Love is about the little things, and that involves compromise. One partner may care about the views out of the hotel room window, the other partner couldn’t care less. Pick your battles. There will inevitably be discord and disagreement while traveling with that special someone—dietary differences, schedule preferences, personality differences can all lead to squabbles and strain/stress while traveling. Try to keep your partner happy by easing up a bit on the little things without sacrificing too much of yourself and it will only serve to enrich your travel time together.

  1. Kiss and make up.

Despite all of the advice in the world, partners will inevitably have some sort of spat on one of their trips. But it’s the way that you deal with it afterwards that counts. The golden rule? Never go to bed angry with one another. At the end of the day, the issue isn’t your relationship and vacations are meant to be enjoyed—just make up!

Traveling as a couple can be especially difficult—even trying at times, but it can also be extremely rewarding. Learning about the world with your best friend, sharing experiences with them that will enrich your lives for years down the road. Traveling with your partner can also test your relationship as well as help you both connect on a deeper level than could ever happen by just staying at home!


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