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Don’t Make These Mistakes Traveling Solo

traveling solo


Traveling Solo

Traveling alone can be exhilarating, freeing, and life-changing. But those who are traveling solo can also be more vulnerable while traveling alone. Stay safer with these tips on traveling solo from the travel experts at Anthea!


Don’t Get Too Ambitious At The Beginning or End of A Trip.

As tempting as it may be to do everything on your first and last night during a trip, try to reel in your ambitions. These two period during a trip are your most vulnerable and stressful points of your trip. You’re laden down with luggage when you first arrive, and super stressed when you’re trying to reach a plane or train on time. Be sure to take it easy on these days—stay near your airport or train station, splurge on a fancy hotel, or take a cab even if public transit is easier on your wallet.


Don’t Overschedule

In theme with the above, this is important. Overscheduling is a trip killer under most conditions, but if you’re traveling alone, this can leave you feeling exhausted and burned out. Traveling solo means that you are responsible for all the planning, all of the execution, and any mundane and tedious tasks as well. The ability to go with the flow is a large part of many people’s decision to travel alone and over scheduling can make that impossible.


Do Not Tell People That You’re Alone

This is a major mistake made by people who are new to traveling alone. It seems fairly innocuous, right? Tell people that you’re alone so that they can help you if you need assistance…most people are likely to be okay, but it’s important to practice caution.

A key proponent to staying safe while traveling solo is to never let anyone know that you’re alone. If you order something from a hotel, casually mention that you’re waiting for someone to return. This will keep you from being left vulnerable.

Also, if you’re leaving your room, put the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your door so that no one knows that you’re out.


Being Too Nice or Friendly


Okay, let’s be clear here: this does not mean be intentionally hostile to everyone you meet. When you’re traveling solo, you have to take special precautions to stay safe—meaning you have to listen to your initial gut feelings about anyone you meet.


Even if you want to give someone you met during your travels the benefit of the doubt, don’t. Traveling solo means that you can’t afford any lapses in judgement. In this case, someone else’s perception of you is irrelevant, be cautious and don’t take any risks.


Don’t Travel Without a Backup Plan


What happens if the worst case scenario happens and you are robbed? Better have a backup plan. Here’s a great way to make sure you aren’t caught off-guard: save empty vitamin or aspirin bottles—the kind that you can’t see through. Add 5 $20 bills and some old loose pills into the bottle. If you shake the bottle, it still sounds like a pill bottle—no one would consider looking inside for money. You can take this anywhere with impunity—your backpack, your hotel room, or in your cosmetic case. Also, be sure to make copies of any important documents- ID, passport, etc. and email them to yourself. This provides access to all of your information should something happen and you lose the original documents.

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